The Shocking Truth about Entrepreneurship They’re Too Afraid to Tell You

Have you ever dreamed of becoming your own boss? Promoting yourself to CEO, president, or founder? Running your own business and deciding your own destiny? Many people do, giving up steady employment, sure pay, and a stable industry for the promise of something better. Unfortunately, for the vast majority, the risks bring few rewards. Predictable hours and a guaranteed paycheck give way to high-stakes eat-what-you-kill workdays. Founders spend their life savings faster than they can find customers. The dream of self-employment is a nightmare for most, and it doesn’t have to be that way. In No, You Don’t Want to Be a Founder, technology executive Su Le asks aspiring entrepreneurs to reconsider the day job. Through compelling, relatable examples and the harsh facts of the matter, Le argues that the nine-to-five job is, in fact, the ideal vehicle for most people to create the freedom and flexibility they desire—no fundraising required. No, You Don’t Want to Be a Founder offers a doable yet controversial alternative to identify and earn your dream job offer—even if you don’t qualify on paper because there’s always an exception for the right person for the job. This book shows you how to become that exception and create the income and impact you want and from right where you are today. An irreverent, gripping career guide for people who want to get rich and be happy working a nine-to-five.

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